[futurebasic] I want info on your software (written in FB, of course!)

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From: jonathan <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 04:10:29 +0100
Calling all

In preparation for a web site for the European market we would like to list
*commercial* software created in FB (II or FB^3).

If you market a commercial app created in FB, then please mail me -
privately, *not* to a list - giving the following:
- name of app and current version, as well as your company name
- short description (mention any awards, always good marketing ploy)
- price, availability
- e-mail contact info
- a URL (preferably direct to a page where the app is featured and
preferably can be bought, rather than to a home page - if someone is
interested enough to hit the link, there is no point in cooling her off by
making her wade thru 15 pages until she gets to the buying info)
- if localised versions of the app exist (we would particularly be
interested in mentioning French, German, Italian and Spanish versions)

You may include an image, but please be informed that the column where
images will appear is 174 pixels wide, so don't include a 640x480 screen
shot. Images should be sent as TIFF compressed with LZW, or as PICT files. I
will do conversion to 72 dpi and a suitable Web format and palette.

You can call this a co-marketing attempt by the Euro FB consortium - showing
commercial apps gives FB credibility, and if it brings in interest,
exposure, or even sales for you in the European market than we're getting to
a win-win situation!

There will be a call for shareware stuff later, so don't send info on that
yet - thanks.

gnome asking to be mailed at: