[futurebasic] [FB] Temporary Memory (not in heap)

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From: Herbie Glunder <H.Gluender@...>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 19:17:49 +0100
Dear experts,

the MacToolbox supplies nice routines for the allocation of memory
outside the application heap for temporary buffer needs.

These routines allocate (if available) a memory block pointed to by a
_handle_, i.e. they return a handle.

I should like to use such temporary memory as a big buffer to copy files
really fast -- just as the finder does (cf. IM/ Mem/2-9) -- but all READ
and WRITE toolbox routines I am aware of need a memory block pointed to
by a _pointer_.

On the other hand it is not possible to move a memory block from a
handle to a pointer. Am I right?

Any suggestions to resolve this problem?

Thank you,