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From: Chris <behmc@...>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 14:38:25 -0500
>>>>Can someone give me the basics of binary addition and subtraction?  I think
>>>>I understand (and can do) binary addition, but subtraction is giving me
>>>I can give you a DA that I wrote that does it for you...(being a programmer
>>>means being inventive). It also means that the battery on the 506L
>>>scientific calculator went dead once too often...;-)
>>>Mel Patrick - theWabbitGuy - mel@...
>>Well, I need to know how to do it myself :)  I've got a calculater (both on
>>the comp and hand held) that will do binary addition/subtraction etc, but
>>let's just say I want to know for my own edification.
>Okay, cept the calc I have shows you all the binary numbers. The one you
>are adding, the one you are subtracting and what the result it. All at the
>same time. You can change any single digit and recalc to see how it affects
>the answer. Its a good little learning two tool... specially if you're
>doing AND OR NOT and masking...
>Oh, yea, its free too...
>But if you want to know how to do it long hand, its the same as decimal.
>Except you can't go over 1. When you borrow, its not 10's, its 1. So :
>10 decimal minus 8 decimal (and yea the answer is two) :
>0000000000001010 - 10
>0000000000001000 - 8
>0000000000000010 - 2
>On the other hand if you wanted to 10 - 12, you'd get an overflow condition
>cause you're in the negative portion of the binary world. i.e. there's
>nothing to borrow from.

Thanks for the help, and now that I know more of what the DA does, yes I'd
like that too :)

Again, thanks,


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