[futurebasic] Re: Window stays Hi-lighted still no go

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From: "David Cottrell" <David.Cottrell@...>
Date: 19 Nov 97 11:29:35 +1000
> My palette specifics are:
>    Previous size and position
>    Keep buttons activated
>    Drawing covers fields and buttons
>    Always hilited
>    Build in background
> My drawing window specifics are:
>    Previous size and position
>    Drawing covers fields and buttons
>    Update clobbered regions only
>    Background window

To add to what Tedd has said:

In a project with multiple windows and tool palettes I have found that I
often have to manually set the window to which I want to draw (window
output). I now routinely add this statement to any fn that draws to the
window to avoid having to chase problems. Don't forget - you cant use
gWhichClass in the same way you can in most other PG projects (ie if you
generate a window filter, the button handler automatically generated will
not nec work).

Palettes are a pain - I've decided to avoid them whenever possible.


Dr David Cottrell                				James Cook University 
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