[futurebasic] Re: Window stays Hi-lighted still no go

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From: "David Cottrell" <David.Cottrell@...>
Date: 19 Nov 97 14:52:28 +1000
On Wed, 19 Nov 1997 12:33 PM, Terence Jordan <mailto:tatewake@...>
> >Palettes are a pain - I've decided to avoid them whenever possible.
> You ain't kidding...

Took me a lot of playing around - but it does work - eventually. I love PG
but the manual could be better organised and linked to the FB manual.  It
is also the case that you need to memorise the whole thing or you will
foget all sorts of steps.

> Anyone? Is it possible to make a WDEF with a built-in palette(or some
> of majically linked window?) Something that seemlessly looks like a
> separate window, but is really part of the same window record?

CDEF-City II has a pallet CDEF (though I've not used it).

I have added a row of ICN3 buttons & pop-up menus to the top of a window
and that works OK so far (this is an update to the project I mentioned
earlier). This is easy in PG.

Thinking about it - I could skip the pop-up's all together as they are all
icon based & just use the CDEF city version. Sounds cool!

My only problem is that it keeps getting refreshed when I don't want it to,
but I've been working on other parts of the code.  If you solve this one
let me know.



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