[futurebasic] Re: window stays hi-lighted still no go

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From: wilcox <wilcox@...>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 08:00:40 -0500
ted said:

>>Palettes are a pain - I've decided to avoid them whenever possible.
>You ain't kidding...
>Anyone? Is it possible to make a WDEF with a built-in palette(or some sort
>of majically linked window?) Something that seemlessly looks like a
>separate window, but is really part of the same window record?

If your talking like, says, something like ClarisWorks' tool-graphic-etc
pallete, then I want to know also. I've wanted to do this in a project I'm
working on, but the best I could do is use SETRECT, PAINTRECT, and just put
the btns in that. Not really all that good looking.

Especially since I couldn't set the color to the color I wanted...

Could you do something to look like a pallete using regions?


BTW, what is/where is/how much is CDEF-CITY II?

Thanks all,

now able to post again. Thanks Glen!!