[futurebasic] Re: Remote Applications (X-FB)

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From: "Yates, Phil" <YATESP@...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 98 17:04:00 PST
Paul Bruneau wrote :

> This strikes me as odd. As administrator of our system, I often 
> have other people's hard drives mounted on my desktop, and I have never had
> this happen, even thoough the mounted volumes do contain the same
> applications whose documents I double click locally.

Yes, but if you don't have the application on your hard disc (I use Jaz Carts 
a lot), the Mac'll go off and find an application it _can_ run. Wherever. And 
no, I can't keep all the applications on my hard disc. But that's another 
story ...

Thanks for those of you who gave me a heads-up on "Bail". I'll try it out.


Phil Yates