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From: AlStaff@...
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 00:19:39 -0500 (EST)
<< I want my program to open with the cursor hidden, play a short
Introduction Animation then the cursor appear at a specified lock.

Then when the user clicks a button, the cursor is hidden (No Problem There)
and a short animation takes place , then the cursor will appear at a
specified X, Y  >>

Changing the cursor location is probably pretty hard because it's something
you're not supposed to be doing. If you insist on doing it or need it for
some reason, you should try using an icon instead.

Hide the cursor with CALL HIDECURSOR, then draw an ICON (or cicn) at the
current mouse location and drag the icon around as the mouse is moved (should
look just like it's a cursor). When you need it to disappear and re-appear in
the new location, erase the icon and draw it in the location of your choice.
Then you can again drag it around as the mouse is moved.

Al Staffieri Jr.