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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 10:07:45 +0200
Craig Hoyt wrote:
> Thanks RC worked like a charm. Two questions.
>    1-  Where's this documented? I searched hi and low!
>    2- Nav Services Library in my OS 9.1 has the name'NSL UI Library' so why
> or how does fn FBTestForLibrary("NavigationLib") recognize it.
> These may be dumb questions but I'm just trying to understand.

The answer is: in the Reference Manual. Just read the entries about
the FILES$ functions for #1:
If the global variable gFBUseNavServices is non-zero, FB switches to
the more modern Navigation Services  dialog.

and the FBTestForLibrary entry for #2:
This function determines whether a library exists and returns a
boolean result. Keep in mind that libraries often have one name that
is visible in the Finder and a different name that is used for
access. To determine the required name for LIBRARY statements, use a
resource editor like Resorcerer and examine the _"cfrg" resource.
The proper names for many common libraries can be found under the
help menu in the manual named "Mac Libraries."

Many FB statements have been enhanced, some have been slightly
changed, a few have their description updated from FBII, several
others have been introduced, and in some occasion some have become
obsolete, so the best for all the old FB programmers is to reread
the entire Reference manual and to not blindly rely upon their
previous knowledge.
It may sound like a royal pain, but it will make your programming
experience with FB^3 a lot easier.
For the lazy programmers there is a loose solution: when you receive
a new Release, read first the document called "Start Here". In
principle, all the novelties brought by each release are listed in
that doc.
You can also perform a search on the Reference Manual using the
keyword "revised". That way you will quickly jump onto all the
updated commands.
Once you have read the entire Reference Manual, I'm sure you will
have a great urge to read the rest of the whole FB documentation.
Those 213,422 pages would keep you entertained for a while. After
this little training, you can also browse the 47,000 example files
where a lot of info are delivered there, some not even mentioned in
the doc.
It sounds overwhelming doesn't it? but nothing stop you from reading
more friendly books in your spare time. What about the 2,523,412
pages of Inside Macintosh during your breakfast? Ah! and don't
forget the few thousands of technotes.
Or, do like the rest of us, post your question to the list but don't
forget to give back to the listees what you have learned.
> >>How do I test to see if a computer has Nav Services available. I need to
> >>set gFBUseNavServices to true if available and false in not. This is used
> >>in the open and save dialogs.
> >I think ...
> >
> >gFBHasNavServices = fn FBTestForLibrary("NavigationLib")




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