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From: jonathan <format@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 97 10:50:27 -0000
>Mornin' all,
>Is there a way to make this, at present, theoretical FN work
>LOCAL FN CursorAppear (X, Y)
>  > code to make the hidden cursor appear at a specified X, Y 
>I want my program to open with the cursor hidden, play a short 
>Introduction Animation then the cursor appear at a specified lock.
>Then when the user clicks a button, the cursor is hidden (No Problem 
>There) and a short animation takes place , then the cursor will appear at 
>a specified X, Y 
>Therefore .. I need a Generic FN that will be used several times during 
>the program .. each time with the X, Y being different
>I'd sure be beholden for any help someone can give me


There was a thread on this some time back, try searching in the archives.

The outcome was:
1/ This is a major no-no with regards to HIG
2/ It is possible to do it - but this may break in future OS versions (in 
fact it might even have broken in OS8

A work around, sometimes used in games, is to simulate a cursor, moving 
an icon on screen, following mouse movements. This would be limited to 
inside your current window, and you'd have fun simulating btn clicks... 
but it wouldn't break.

IMHO. It's a no-no, on all counts. Your user may have a perfectly valid 
reason for wanting to quit your app, during this sequence, and by 
blocking, you'll force them to do a restart in order to do this.
But list consensus would be, that it is allowed if your app costs approx 
5 times the machine it's working on (ie, if folks buy that mac to use 
your app, and that's all they do, you're ok - otherwise stick to HIG).


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