[futurebasic] Re: FN GETCTABLE(72)

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From: RMMerrill@...
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 12:39:01 -0500 (EST)
>al said:
>>   So mail from this list can take 
>>   a day or 2 to get to us AOL people 
>>   and we sometimes get the answers before the questions.
>actually, al is being modest -- 
>we _usually_ get the answers before the questions.
>in fact, we often get _reactions_ to the answers
>before we get the answers, let alone the questions.
>it gets really fun when corrections need to be made,
>because we often get the corrections to the corrections
>before we even get the original code, which contains
>the errors which the corrections were meant to correct,
>never mind the corrections to the corrections, oh my!,
>which did not yet exist in this specific space-time frame...
>....or did they?...
>....if you know what i mean...

Hehehe, well said, bowerbird. 
And that is why quoting - in full - is frequently needed, desired, 
essential, etc.
I hope you don't get this before I send it, in case I make some changes.  

     -=  Bob (-: