[futurebasic] Re: Resources that I never really am confident of

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From: Rick Brown <rbrown@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 21:01:41 -0600
Tony wrote:
> When I edit dialogs with resedit
> about 1 out of 20 times the system freezes and it trashes the 
> resource file

There is actually a known bug in ResEdit which exhibits behavior like
what you describe.  If I remember right, the bug does not rear its ugly
head if you make sure to put something (anything) onto the clipboard
before you start editing your resources.  (Fellow ListMembers please
correct me if I've got this wrong.)

> I use the str#.incl and the list handling a lot and it seems to me
> that maintaining a resource database of this stuff right in the
> application is flawed. My customers complain that the application
> stops working, they replace the application file and it works. So
> the resource fork is getting trashed during operation. This does not
> give me a lot of confidence. I read manuals pretty carefully and I
> am treading carefully I think.

Altering the app's resource fork is not part of my personal style
either.  I am "PG-illiterate," so I don't know how closely interwoven
are the concepts of updating the app's resource fork and using PG. 
However, you might see if it's possible to save the necessary
information into a different resource file (for example, a file in the
preferences folder).  On the Mac, any file (not just an application
file) can have a resource fork, and its resources can be accessed by
your program.

- Rick