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From: George Beckman <gbeckman@...>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 06:46:57 -0700
Robert originally wrote:

> But when people think "Imaging on the Mac", they still think
>> Photoshop, and GraphicConverter pretty much, not yet any radar blip
>> for my app it seems. Perhaps it's deserved. I lack advertising funds
>> and media play and reviews.

Robert, et al,

Some advertising is pretty cheap.   I think all websites need meta tags that
give the little spider guys something to look at.   My tags are far from
professional, but Robert, your site is lacking tags.   When I put mac
graphic in Google, I didn't find you very fast.

Go to pggp.com and view the home page source.  You can copy the meta tags
out and place it in your pages.  Of course you will replace the gradebook,
elementary, report card, etc.  with words you think people would put in the
search.   There are sites that analyze your meta tags.   You don't want too
many.   There are some "rules" that best impress the search engines.

Second, STAZ told me about mega trends outfit, who submits my site to search
engines.  Here is a piece of my monthly report.  They have never increased
their price in about 4 years:

***** Receipt *****

Your Web Site:         http://www.pggp.com
Monthly Charge:    $8.00

Your Credit card was charged by:

MegaTrends 2000 Inc.
Glendale, AZ


***** Last Submission History Report *****

Last Submission Report For Link Pages, Search Engines,
and Directories:

Date:             04/28/04 09:57:15
Total Successful: 493

Best Wishes,

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