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From: John Clark <Aeronaut@...>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 07:20:27 +1000
Hello All

On 13/05/2004, at 23:44, futurebasic-digest-help@... wrote:

>> On the same tack, I am still utterly horified by the
>> near impossibility to backup and or clone a
>> operational OSX. I have always ratcheted up my Mac OS
>> configurations reverting to the most recent backup
>> that that worked well -- when I get out beyond
>> understanding and repair -- as often happens after a
>> thunking big installation.
>> Any progress there?
> Have you tried Carbon Copy Cloner ?
> It's available from:
> http://www.bombich.com
> (I think ?)

CCC is the biz. At first I did not believe anything as easy as CCC 
could work. I cloned my main computer to a firewire drive and then 
restarted from that. Everything, right down to the icon positions on 
the dock, email etc. was exactly the same. Enough to be quite confusing 
and worrying. I repeated the process again a couple of times to make 
sure. I did both copies to the entire HD, and cloned to a folder. All 
worked 100%.

Since then I have swapped computers twice or more, and cloned a setup 
with two internal drives... a  3 partition 120 gig drive and and a 180 
gig drive into similar stuff on new computers without any problem at 
all in little more than an hour or two. Since I have either got the 
first computer, one of the internal drives removed, or another firewire 
drive to fall back on for a week or so, the process is not so scary. 
However the result has always been 100%.

We now use it at work to set up new computers for customers with all 
the software and a new OS. Just pull the new computer out of the box, 
start up with the firewire drive, and clone it onto the new computer. 
This was not possible with the old OS's.

So, until CCC, I was of the same opinion as Al (?) Horrified. Now, I 
can get a new computer and in about 1.5 hours, be up and working on 
what looks and feels exactly like the old one. Much better than before.



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