[futurebasic] Re: [ Was supposed to be OFFList] PGX ?

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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 17:44:29 -0400
I apologize, that last email of mine was supposed to be OffList as 
evidenced by the offlist in the subject line, but I left out that which 
  bastes the offlist turkey , and that is the private email address, 
usually the first thing I put in!

#@%@% :(

Man, nothing like meant-to-be-offlist mail going list public at  light 
speed. :(  I gotta go back to Never Hit Reply To Compose a List Mail to 
be sent private, policy.. ;)

Very sorry to Joe though, if that was a bothersome context to see his 
name in.  I just mentioned that because I took it that he prefers 
working in cash and not so much the banks,   as a Compositor cash reg 
via snail mail brought up this topic back then. I don't know how he 
operates for sure, but it's not a bad approach to avoid banks as a 
matter of theory, because it preserves due privacy , and practically, 
it can save good money from excessive checking charges.  (I'd save $120 
a year right now...$10 a month fee.)  And the fact is, a lot of people 
don't feel ok giving Paypal account information or setting one up. 
They'd prefer to use a place where it's just give the credit card and 
go method.

As to mis-directed emails. :)

I think there's a nice opportunity for a Utility that see's "offlist" 
in any subject line , and blocks it if going to a user's email lists.  
Could not the list handling software, which can insert [FB] into 
everything, parse for 'offlist' and then bounce the back?

And as regards things as mis-directed posts, or simply screwing up your 
e-life due to a bad day or ego on a rampage, I HATE that the FB list is 
all web-read-it public now, and archived regularly.

There should absolutely  be a way for individual posters to kill their 
own posts and quoted copies.

  That which was meant to be offlist, but gets there anyway, should be 
lost to the ages before Google and others make your life a a permanent 
record of your lowest lows. :(  I've had a particularly rough time this 
past dev cycle (Since January) and I'd just be thrilled if it all died 
off the record and went back to bits and particles of emotion rather 
than raw reality, forever encoded. Because when somebody is irked, they 
aren't their best always.

Unless it's code that should live on, all this should be ephemeral as 
the white driven snow, to melt after being savored.  In an ideal