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From: Walter Lenk <Walter_Lenk@...>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 16:11:45 -0400
Greetings -

I have an program that I am migrating to OSX, and so far I have been 
able to solve all the problems, except one - this involves buttons 
that are in a window over a PICT.  It all works fine after I made the 
expected appearance manager changes, but when the program runs in OSX 
there is a 6 (approx) pixel border ring around the buttons that 
overwrites the PICT with the (white) background color - this border 
ring is not there when the same program runs in OS9. This is not a 
fatal problem, but it would be nice to fix it.

I am creating the window with:
  APPEARANCE WINDOW #_wMain, A$, @Rect1, _kDocumentWindowClass,
                                _kWindowCollapseBoxAttribute, _noAutoFocus
I am creating the buttons with:
  APPEARANCE BUTTON _Btn1,_activeBtn,0,0,0,B$,@rect2,_kControlPushButtonProc

I am running OSX 10.3.3 on a 800 MHz iMac, FB release 7.

Any ideas?


Walter Lenk    Cambridge Ma    617-547-7781