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From: Brian Stevens <brilor@...>
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 16:08:30 -0700

Here is my 2 cents(maybe more like 1.5)  since there aren't a lot of  
responses. I have one sheet window on one parent window working but  
don't have a need for a second sheet. Does the first sheet disappear  
before you try to display the second sheet? I'm assuming the process is  
the same for the second sheet (i.e. Getting the two window pointers  
(the old parent and the new sheet) and calling showsheetwindow) and  
doesn't require anything extra, but I'm thinking the old sheet needs to  
be retracted and the active window needs to be back to the parent. Of  
course, the second sheet should be created invisibly and shown and  
showsheetwindow. If I come up with a code example, I'll post. Make that  
1 cent.


On May 22, 2004, at 9:05 PM, michael evans wrote:

> I have a strange situation...
> I have an FB app that uses two sheet windows with the same parent  
> window.
> The first sheet window functions correctly and has only one static edit
> field and two buttons.
> The second sheet window is displayed correctly in size and functions as
> expected. But it is not dropping down from the parent window title bar  
> but
> is first displayed in the center of the parent window. Subsequent  
> displays
> are at the screen's upper left-hand corner, partially tucked under the  
> menu
> bar. The second sheet window has several static and entry edit fields  
> and
> several buttons. The only issue is that it does not drop down from the
> parent window title bar... The code for the second sheet window  
> appears to
> be identical to that of the first sheet window....
> I have gone over the code for hours and can't see where I'm going  
> wrong...
> I realize I need to provide a small example that illustrates the  
> problem but
> I'm hoping someone has seen this also and figured out how to fix  
> this...
> Cheers,
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