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From: Jay Reeve <jayreeve@...>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 13:33:23 -0500
On Sunday, May 30, 2004, at 09:39  AM, Rich Love wrote:

> I am block moving an array. It does work but I want to know if it is 
> memory safe.
> I am moving a block of memory from location 2 in the array to location 
> 1.
> What worries me is that I am moving the max number of bytes (397490) 
> that the array is XREF'd.
> Is FB kind enough to let me do this or should I worry that I am 
> corrupting some memory that is out of the bounds of my array?
> Here is the sample:
> XREF@ Array% (960, 207)
> Array& = FN NEWHANDLE(397490)
> BLOCKMOVE @ Array%(2,0),@ Array%(1,0), 397490


You can probably get away with this in PPC. I think it would be very 
dangerous in OSX, although because of the exact numbers you are using, 
it will probably let you get away with it.

Let me suggest 3 alternatives, though:

1. Why not move only the bytes that are in the array to start with--

BLOCKMOVE @ Array%(2,0),@ Array%(1,0), 397490 - (@ Array%(2,0) - @ 

2.   You could also deref the handle and use another XREF to access it 
without moving any  memory--

XREF shiftedArray%(960, 207)
shiftedArray = [Array]

3. Switch to Dynamic arrays, and move only the part of the array 
actually in use--

DYNAMIC Array%(960, 207)
BLOCKMOVE @ Array%(2,0),@ Array%(1,0), 397490 - (([[@Array] + 
_AutoXREFCurr]-2) *207* sizeof(int))

I'm not sure why you want to shift the entire array, including the 
garbage bytes beyond the end of it, but I imagine one of these 
approaches will be cleaner and safer.

  =J= a  y

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