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From: Brian Stevens <brilor@...>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 14:37:32 -0700
PG stores all window resources in a PG3c (or some name like that ---I'm 
not looking at it right now) resource and expects all windows to be 
built with pGbuild and all windows to be closed (assuming you don't let 
another activity such as quitting handle it) with pGclose. Windows 
created without the GUI builder or closed without pGclose (i.e.   with 
a WINDOW CLOSE xx)  cause unpredictable results. BTW: this is not 
related to where the programs runs, so the iMac not working versus 
iBook might be another issue or a cascade from the first.  My 
suggestion is to run it through the debugger to determine which window 
it is complaining about. After breaking into the debugger at start of 
program, move the scroll bar in the debugger control window (the one 
with the F-keys labeled) all the way to the left. You should be able to 
watch the code to get a good idea where this fails. Once the window is 
identified, look at everything for that window first and then examine 
the other windows  if that doesn't enlighten.

On May 31, 2004, at 9:39 AM, Ronald Anderson wrote:

> Have not checked in for long time.  Made some mods to my Crossword Pal 
> program and now it will not work on other computers.  Works fine on 
> iBook where I made the mods but will not work on iMac.   I did create 
> two new windows.
> Shows the Splash window OK but then gives Error 4 signal and message 
> "Program Generator could not get control list for this window from its 
> pg3 resource."
> This in spite of fact that I have removed all of Future Basic 
> including the Program Generator from the iMac computer.
> An older version of Crossword Pal works fine on iMac.
> Any suggestions
> --