[futurebasic] Re: Resources that I never really am confident of

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From: pastor alain <apastor@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 00:28:24 +0100
> > I use the str#.incl and the list handling a lot and it seems to me
> > that maintaining a resource database of this stuff right in the
> > application is flawed. My customers complain that the application
> > stops working, they replace the application file and it works. So
> > the resource fork is getting trashed during operation. This does not
> > give me a lot of confidence. I read manuals pretty carefully and I
> > am treading carefully I think.


Maybe you should force an update of your ressource file, typing a few
lines of code in some places of your program.
There's a bug mentioned in PG manual that gave me some troubles in the
past with str# and list handling. The manual says that before calling
any dialog for printing you should update your ressource file because
some drivers (especially or perhaps the only one HP driver) leave your
ressources in an inconsistent state.
Not knowing this bug I did experiment the same problem as you. Well, at
least it seems.

Hope this is a good direction.
It's my first contribution and I'm impressed to put my words after
Rick's ones.