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From: Greg_Neagle@...
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 16:17:47 -0800
In message ID <971125163214_748918436@...> on 11/25/97, Joe
Lertola wrote:

:I want my program to open files that are incoming from the finder.  I
:understand that the following statement checks for incoming files.
:  doWhat% = FINDERINFO (maxFiles%, fname$(0), type&(0), volRefNum%(0))
:My problem is that I don't know where to call this from. The example in the
:handbook calls it during program initialization, but I would like to check
:for incoming files any time.
:When I call FINDERINFO  from CASE _mainStart I don't get any files.
:When I call FINDERINFO  from CASE _otherNullEvent the file opens but my
:program goes into an unending loop of open after open.

If you are using PG (and it sounds like you are) you don't need to do anything
- you are notified with a _mainOpen event when there is a file passed in from
the Finder.

- via BulkRate 2.6.x