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From: Larry Siebenmann <laurent@...>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 06:16:45 -0400

Hi all,

     The digests archive of this FB list for July 2006 is up on
my public http site at URL


     The archive is a modest gzipped file of about 32 Ko, but well
over triple that when decompressed.  If your expander hassles you,
just use MacGzip to decompress (it's there too).

     My archives are unchanging and suitable for batched
searches with a grep (alias regex) capable editor. For old Macs,
I suggest using the editor QED/M by Nisus (the earlier versions
are the more stable). For Macs under OSX, I suggest Text Wrangler by
Barebones (now free).  You now have about 70 Mo of FB discussion
to search through.

     The above http site is relatively new and may evolve and/or
move. Please report problems.  

     For mass downloads, you will probably prefer the well
established but troublesome anonymous ftp site


(via PORT access only). Or its mirror


Login : fb4
Password: stazsoftware


            Laurent S. (in Paris)

PS. on Frank Turovich's two books:

Notice my posting of Frank Turovich's two FB books at the above
sites. Not all postings of it have been readily accessible to users
of the classic MacOS (i.e., pre OSX), although the version II of FB
described by Frank is entirely pre OSX. About a year ago, I
reformatted Frank's own posting to maximize accessibility.
Incidentally, Frank's distribution licence is now a rather liberal
"Creative Commons" licence that encourages building on his work.
Here are suggestions of Frank from a letter of his dated Sun Jul 24
2005  :

| And, as always, feel free to modify the TXT version as 
| required to bring it up to date with the latest FB 
| release. Might I suggest simply converting them to HTML 
| format and posting them somewhere on the web will 
| eventually make them searchable from within Google as 
| it will eventually find and index them for everyone. 
| Actually, placing the book content within a Wiki might 
| be the best solution, so that others can update and 
| improve the content as time goes on.
| I'm sure there are a lot of errors in the books now 
| that OS X has arrived, as well as suggestions that no 
| longer make sense in developing FB apps.
| Hope this helps. // frank