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From: Joe Lertola <joefb@...>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 22:38:23 -0400
I could not get BasicBundler to work last week. I just tried it again 
and it is working fine. I don't know what made it work but  I am very 
happy for the help.

Thanks again,
-Joe Lertola

On Aug 2, 2006, at 8:08 PM, Ken Shmidheiser wrote:

> Brian wrote:
>>  > Ken has written a utility
>> BasicBundler on the FB4R3 CD in the Neat FB apps===>Programming 
>> folder works great.
> Brian,
> Thanks for the mention of BasicBundler. This is a utility that crept 
> onto the FB disk without my realizing it. I posted it for beta testers 
> to play with and it remains in a very early state of development.
> For instance, it assumes that the user has the OS X Developer Tools 
> installed-- as by far the majority of beta testers do-- but does no 
> error checking for them. There is no documentation and it assumes an 
> understanding of bundle hierarchy and plists which many beta testers 
> have.
> Joe wrote me back channel that BasicBundler failed. I wrote him with 
> my guess he had not installed the Developer Tools.
> At any rate, if I ever get the time I have a list of suggestions to 
> implement and bugs to squash.
> Thanks again, Brian.
> Ken
> OT: Any of you ride a BMW motorcycle? I have miles on a K75RT, but my 
> heart is tugging at a R1100RT.
> --
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