[futurebasic] Re: FB SOUND command Problem - Thanks

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From: Walter Lenk <Walter_Lenk@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 12:25:03 -0400
Greetings -

On Aug 14, 2006 I Wrote:
>  Recently I have started having problems with the SOUND Command on my
>  primary computer (machine #1 in the list below).

John McKernon wrote:
>  Alain Wrobel brilliantly came up with what the problem is, here's his
>  answer:
>  Check your audio setting in Applications / Utilities / Audio MIDI Setup. In
>  the Audio Devices section, check that your Audio Output format is set to
>  44100.0 Hz.
>  (some audio apps turn this format to 99000 Hz -audacity for example-)
>  The FB Sound command requires 44100, anything else causes an OS hang.

Brian Stevens wrote:
>  Alain may be brilliant, but this fix has been noted on the Apple site:
>  http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=300832

This indeed fixed the problem - my thanks to Alain, John, and Brian. 
Audacity WAS responsible for setting the default sample rate to 96 
kHz. Seems like this is a tidbit that could well be added to the FB 
SOUND docs - any idea how?

Much Thanks,



Walter Lenk    Cambridge Ma    617-547-7781