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From: "Jon M. Gohr" <natural@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 97 22:58:29 -0600
>>I work on a cool unix machine at work ( IBM RS/6000 with 6 - 604e
>>processors and 1.5 gig of ram )... maybe I should send mail from it?
>Wow, now that's maxed out! Can you go back in time with that thing? :-)

I believe I saw a "time_travel.h" file on the system somewhere, haven't 
tried including it in any applications yet though. Actually for a J30 
model it's a pretty loaded box ... nothing in comparison to the new 
RS/6000 rack mount monsters though ... or so I'm told by our sys-admin 
who just went to some training classes on them.

>-- Terence Jordan (tatewake@...)
>Inspired Software. http://inspired.netstreet.net/
>Macintosh, Dos, Windows, and BeOS software solutions.

Honestly Terence ... those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw 
stones .... looks like you have references to products from the evil 
empire right in your sig!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never commit such a 
felonious act. ;-)


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