[futurebasic] December 2007 FB digests archive

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From: Larry Siebenmann <laurent@...>
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 01:00:33 -0500

Hi all,

      The digests archive of this FutureBasic list for
December 2007 is now posted at:


This closes out the year 2007. Happy New Year 2008!

     There is a second http site for the digests


that is less complete but designed for quick html

     The December archive is a gzipped file of
over 100 Ko. If your expander hassles you, just
use unix to decompress (or MacGzip under classic;
it's there too).

            Laurent S. (in Paris)


PS.  Steven Stratford maintains an FB archive
with more material:

HTTP: (for downloading)

and UPLOADING privileges (for you!):

FTP: (for uploading)
   server: ftp.internetyx.net
   username: public_htmlfuturebasic@...
   password: stazsoftware


PPS.  Since this Fall, the "FBtoC" compilation chain 
-- see <http://4toc.com/fb4/> -- has been dominating 
our list traffic. I expect that FBtoC will allow 
FutureBasic to long remain what I believe it is 
today, and has been for several years, namely the 
most durable programming environment for the 
Macintosh.  Three cheers for the FBtoC team under 
the incredibly expert leadership of Robert Purves!