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From: evansjm <evansjm@...>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 19:54:35 -0600
I would like to create a simple program and use FBtoC and xcode to  
make a universal binary
For example, After downloading FBtoC , I wrote a simple program in FB  
as follows:

window 1
  print "Hello, world!"
until gFBQuit

I saved the file (called "Hello") and used FBtoC to build the C file
I then created a folder called "build temp" with 3 runtime files a 1 C  
file   hello.c .... no problem so far

I then opened xcode, created a "carbon project" and used the ADD TO  
PROJECT option to add the 4 files to the project
that FBtoC created above

When I compile with xcode I get lots of errors :
Would anyone be willing to explain the procedure to get a universal  
binary  program working. with xcode or am I going about this entirely  

Thanks,  John E.