[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Trouble using DataBrowser For Dummies with FBtoC [re-post]

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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 22:06:18 +0100
Brian Stevens a crit :
> On Jan 10, 2008, at 11:07 AM, Alain Pastor wrote:
>> Perhaps, the FBtoC compliance might wait as long as QuiXample can run 
>> on Rosetta. Anybody has tested it on Intel Macs?
> I don't see any reason why QuiXample would not run Intel Macs under 
> Rosetta (can't try it here because of PowerPC only) . Your last email 
> mentioned several important topics on which I'd like to comment:
> (1) Your offer of source code for QuiXample is generous Alain, thank 
> you. A conversion of QuiXample would be appropriate and timely. At the 
> moment, the FBtoC team is busy with FBtoC and also the conversion of the 
> editor to universal. /*Maybe there is another FB programmer reading this 
> that will volunteer to convert it to Universal using Bernie's DBData code.*/
OK Brian, I'm going to wait for someone to raise his hand, afterward, we 
will see. Unfortunately, I cannot promise anything at my end.

> (2) Non-English language support for FBtoC has been discussed briefly, 
>  but no task has started. Eventually, the UI for FBtoC will be minimal 
> because it will be called by the editor. There should be only error 
> messages and the preference dialog to internationalize. 
I surmise you're telling the localizers to wait for the integration of 
FBtoC with the FB Editor. Am I right?

Will the FBtoC team centralize the localized works?

Up to now, here is how things used to work:

- Staz Software used to send me the US CD master.
- Michele used to handle the Italian version, then send me the Italian 
- I handled the French version.
- I used to build the European CD with the US, IT & FR versions.
- I used to mail the Euro CD master to Staz Software.

Obviously, this cannot work that way anymore. Have you got a suggestion 
for a new deal?

> (3) Related to #2 is a translation for the FB editor. Bernie has just 
> revamped the html help reference (not the pdf reference) to use Apple's 
> Help book (not released GA yet but in testing) and it looks and works 
> great. My suggestion would be to translate Bernie's new help and not 
> translate the reference.pdf. I'm wondering how much of the existing 
> translations (both French and I believe Michele has one in Italian) can 
> be leveraged for the new translations required. What I do know is 
> someone who speaks the non-English languages will need to do (or at 
> least manage) these translation tasks.

The amount of work depends on the changes brought by Bernie, I guess. 
Perhaps he could provide us with clues on that topic. At any rate, the 
updating of the FB HTML help files is a daunting task. I spent a great 
deal of time putting the things together. The result was that the French 
version was a little bit fancier than the US one. I just hope I won't 
have to start over the job.

As a side note, QuiXample can also search the FB HTML help files. 
Searching for keywords is very fast and more convenient than the current 
help system from my point of view. I hope too that this feature won't 
break in the process.