On Jan 13, 2008, at 11:56 PM, bob krueger wrote:

A summary of what Brian wrote: <and Bob answered>
For now we'll have to assume you are:
1) Not using Carbon Events -- <not sure, but Carbon is checked under Command>
Carbon in the command menu does not mean the program uses carbon events. Confusing eh?
Carbon events means you will establish handlers in your program (or else accept default processing) to process the controls/windows. FB's event handling is what you are using in this program. It is effectively another layer for the FB programmer. A tutorial on Carbon Events is not practical in an email. I would start with Apple's docs in Xcode on CE if you want to learn.

<Thanks again for your help!  Fn ButtonTextString$(buttonNumber) is just what I needed!>
You're welcome. Keep in mind the limitations of a string and review Bernie's post describing where all our code should be ( a list of hints). 

Brian S.

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