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From: Brian Heibert <heibert@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 22:05:23 -0500
I am using a font menu example by Al Stafferri Jr.
It puts up a font menu however when I select a font the edit field  
doesnt change
What's missing?

_fontMenuID = 3

LOCAL FN fontMenu
dim as MenuRef @ m
menu _fontMenuID,0,1, "Font"
m = FN getmenuhandle(_fontMenuID)
AppendResMenu( m, _"FOND" )

on menu fn doMenu
FN fontMenu ' branch to doMenu when a menu selected.
on dialog fn doDialog ' branch to doDialog for most other events
fn BuildWindowFromNib(1004, "GameEditor")

Brian Heibert