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From: "Robert Spoecker" <ke6nij@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 16:04:13 -0800
> > On Jan 17, 2008, at 4:32 PM, Robert wrote:
> >
> >> Hi group
> >>
> >> I am getting great success with many things but I am seriously
> >> hung up on two issues.
> >>
> >> I have written a program that creates a file and opens it and then
> >> I print some text and numbers to the file and then it closes.
> >> Works great but if the file exists it is overwritten. Is there a
> >> method of checking for the existence of the file you are about to
> >> open so that the user can be asked if the overwrite is ok or to
> >> bail out?
> >>
> >> I can open file menus but all I can get out of these  is a file
> >> name, or directory name but not a complete path name so my output
> >> files are created only in the directory from which the program is
> >> run.
> >>
> >> Aw gee, guys please don't tell me it takes a long program segment
> >> to do this lol.
> >>
> >> And big thanks for putting up with my many questions, I am
> >> spending a lot of effort to figure out things by myself, honest.
> >>
 Robert Covington,

 Thank you so much.

I have taken the file you sent and it works to perfection.

the coding in basic that relates to numbers and strings I can do well
at still but since GUIs have come into existence after I quit
programing this is a new experience for me.

I think I am at the point where I can do about what I want with input
and output and user interface. You guys have all taught me how to
create push buttons and radio buttons, windows and  handling files.
and that is what I needed. Next comes graphics and I am looking
forward to that. Ha and you thought I was gonna go away soon lol.