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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <pepetoo@...>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 00:03:48 -0800
Thanks, Bernie. It's pretty obvious that my lack of understanding  
about what has transpired with the FB2C process has me totally in the  
dark. I opened your demo within FB2C and got gobs of "comments" in  
the log. Guess I'll step back a ways and work into this "new"  
approach (for me) until I've had a chance to check things out  
further. I haven't followed ANY of the FB2C development, though I  
have tried to stay current with the downloads.

Originally, I had tried to just run the demo from the latest FB beta.  
Apparently it's not that simple.


Joe Wilkins

On Jan 17, 2008, at 11:48 PM, Bernie wrote:

> JLW wrote:
>> I tried to run this demo and got the following errors, mostly  
>> devoted to the use of the term "as":
>> Your thoughts?
> As RC said, you're probably not using the latest compiler.  
> Meanwhile, I think you can remove all the " as Xxxx"s. It'll still  
> run via FBtoC, but will throw up a few harmless "return makes  
> <something> with <something> without a <something>" warnings.
> Bernie
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