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From: Bob Krueger <rckrueger1@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:31:50 -0600
Thanks!  Good information here.  My problem is that I don't know what 
toolbox to use.  However, your descriptions will be helpful.

Looking forward to that prediction!

Bernie wrote:
> Bob wrote:
> In Bernie's example of ViewDemo, he used the following includes:
>>   include "Tlbx IBCarbonRuntime.incl"
>>   include "Tlbx Menus.incl"
>>   include "Tlbx HIView.incl"
>>   include "Tlbx ControlDefinitions.incl"
>> My question is:  Where does a rookie find out what to include?  Is 
>> there a document that describes each of these includes, and others?  
>> Or do I just need to sit down and read each of the files in the 
>> 'Headers' folder of FBtoC?
> Good question. In general, if you know which toolbox you want to use, 
> you've probably got a good idea where it's defined. If you know the 
> toolbox but don't know where it's defined, you could key in the 
> function name into an editor window and cmd-double-click it. The FB 
> header file will (usually) be opened.
> Unfortunately, FB's headers are an untidy mess with stuff scattered 
> all over the show, but here are a few clues:
> - If you're working with nibs, you should include Tlbx 
> IBCarbonRuntime.incl
> - Calls beginning "HIView" require Tlbx HIView.incl
> - Carbon events need Tlbx CarbonEvents.incl (Note: Tlbx HIView.incl 
> header also includes Tlbx CarbonEvents.incl, so if you're using 
> HIViews, you don't need to include both.)
> - Some weird menu functions such as CopyMenuItemTextAsCFString will 
> probably be defined in Tlbx Menus.incl
> - Control manipulation functions such as GetControlPopupMenuHandle 
> will be in Tlbx Controls.incl... but, hang about!, Tlbx Controls.incl 
> doesn't exist... so a good bet would be Tlbx ControlDefinitions.incl
> Prediction:
> A future version of FBtoC will eliminate the need for FB headers. On 
> translation, function syntax will be checked against Apple's headers 
> and required Apple headers auto-included.
> Bernie
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