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From: Bernie <fblist.bw@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 23:36:59 +0000
Steve wrote:

> This works, but I wanted to update only select elements contents,  
> not the entire browser.

Ah, now I understand (I think). DBData.incl doesn't (yet) have a  
function to update only some items. AFAICS, you have two options:

[1] Change the items with the usual DBDataSetXxxx(...) function(s)  
then call fn DBDataPopulateBrowser( browser ). This will reload ALL  
items into the browser, so will be slower than [2].

[2] Make your changes then call UpdateDataBrowserItems( browser,  
_kDataBrowserNoItem, 1, #0, _kDataBrowserItemNoProperty,  
_kDataBrowserNoItem ). This will update all items in the root  
container. If you have an hierarchical browser, you may have to change  
parm two to the container's itemID.