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From: Ken Shmidheiser <kshmidheiser@...>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 04:35:43 -0500
Steve wrote:

> I guess Ken didn't see my question.


When I threw together that little file iteration code, it was to  
showcase the capability of CFIndex functions. It was more of a joke  
when you asked for the file iteration code during the discussion. At  
the time I was enjoying a light coding session, strictly for the fun  
and relaxation of it. That day there was not much serious going on in  
my head!

At any rate, I'm waiting for CFIndex code to become available in  
FBtoC, and then I'll try to solidity the earlier example. In another  
thread I put together a little demo showing some very basic FSRef  
handling techniques. However one little function in there extracts a  
long file name from an FSRef, and you might want to play with that in  
improving the file iteration code,

I purposely removed the recursive subdirectory iteration code in the  
original demo after accidentally running it on my home user directory  
a few times and having to force quit several times as it began  
iterating through thousands of files.

Another stumbling block to successful migration to FBtoC is the hoops  
you have to jump through to get a decent scrolling text field now  
that Edit Fields are deprecated. I like to keep the demos I post here  
limited to the contents of a text message, but when you begin working  
with HiTextViews, nibs, and Carbon Events, the code gets real  
technical real fast making it much more of a project than a snippet.  
And at that point it's much more like C in Xcode than BASIC.

Take care,