[futurebasic] Re: [FB] FBtoC 1.02 and Appearance Buttons

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From: Brian Stevens <bstevens33@...>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 11:22:31 -0700
On Jan 27, 2008, at 6:55 AM, Rich Love wrote:

> There is a problem with Appearance Buttons in FBtoC 1.02

This is acknowledged as a bug, but let me digress for a moment on  
topic that is obvious to some and many have heard me (and others) say  

If a program/app does NOT use FB windows and FB buttons (i.e. uses a  
nib for all windows and controls) these bugs don't come into play  
because the carbon events runtime handles all.

Longer-term and strategically, nibs will help insulate your code from  
future changes by Apple. The use of Carbon Events (CE) and nibs will  
also help prepare your code to transition to the "next" (whatever  
that is) model. Those writing professional apps have a lot invested  
and are more likely to be impacted than the hobbyists

Brian S.