[futurebasic] Still grinding away lol

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From: Robert S <ke6nij@...>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 15:45:42 -0800
Hello again,

I am reading the manual and studying the samples diligently. I find the 
examples for making radio buttons, for instance very complicated. These 
examples are not one liners like the opening a file examples is.

If there are empty place holders in the code (two commas) I have no 
idea what might have gone there if anything.

Is there a reference I can buy somewhere that explains all of this?

Is there some way to code a radio button, for instance, by just simply 
specifying the x,y coordinates of the button’s location on the
opened window and the get a return value to indicate if it has been 
pushed or not?

Something like:

a = radioButton 1 , (x,y) , ”Button 1 title text”

b = radioButton 2 , (x,y) , ”Button 2 title text”

I know I am a bit naive to expect it that simple, but does it really 
have to be so complicated?

Thank you for you patience with me.

Robert S

PS I think Robert S would be a good identifier for me as we have 
another Robert already.