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From: "H. Gluender" <h@...>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 12:55:13 +0100
Christopher Wyatt wrote:

>  As we seem to need an up-to-date reference manual, why not use a 
>  Wiki Books entry to create a common manual online? The nice thing 
>  about such a book is that we can use the results to create more 
>  traditional documents over time. Plus, the experts on this mailing 
>  list and from around the net could help correct errors in documents.
>  Anyone else have an opinion? I could get things started, at least, 
>  and then post the appropriate links.
>  I certainly couldn't write all the documents, but I bet I could make 
>  it an alternative assignment for my technical writing / design  
>  students. That could really speed things up -- and offer them very 
>  real-world experience with tech documents.

RP wrote

We certainly need an up-to-date reference manual. It should document 
the language as understood by FBtoC.

The current Reference Manual (for example the HTML version, "FB 
Reference" in the Help menu) does a reasonable job of documenting the 
language as understood by the obsolete FB Compiler. The FBtoC team, in 
the person of Bernie, has successfully created an Apple HelpBook with 
the same content as FB Reference. An documentation enthusiast with 
lots of spare time, a powerful HTML editor, and sufficient knowledge 
of FB and FBtoC, could in principle bring the HelpBook up-to-date, by 
editing content and format. Unfortunately, we know of no such 

A cooperative effort via a wiki seems a much better idea.


There are several issues with a Wiki-Book.

As far as I'm recognizing, the issue above is a "Reference Manual" 
and writing it may follow the pattern of existing FB-manuals.

However there is more, especially if I consider the many recent 
postings dealing with questions concerning Apple's Carbon Toolbox. 
For this purpose I still should like to recommend a conversion of K. 
J. Bricknell's excellent "Macintosh C Carbon -- A hobbyist's guide to 
programming the Macintosh in C" that can be obtained freely via the