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From: andy@...
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 16:50:07 -0000 (UTC)
> Christopher Wyatt wrote:
>>  As we seem to need an up-to-date reference manual, why not use a
>>  Wiki Books entry to create a common manual online? The nice thing
>>  about such a book is that we can use the results to create more
>>  traditional documents over time. Plus, the experts on this mailing
>>  list and from around the net could help correct errors in documents.
>>  Anyone else have an opinion? I could get things started, at least,
>>  and then post the appropriate links.
>>  I certainly couldn't write all the documents, but I bet I could make
>>  it an alternative assignment for my technical writing / design
>>  students. That could really speed things up -- and offer them very
>>  real-world experience with tech documents.>
> RP wrote
> We certainly need an up-to-date reference manual. It should document
> the language as understood by FBtoC.
> The current Reference Manual (for example the HTML version, "FB
> Reference" in the Help menu) does a reasonable job of documenting the
> language as understood by the obsolete FB Compiler. The FBtoC team, in
> the person of Bernie, has successfully created an Apple HelpBook with
> the same content as FB Reference. An documentation enthusiast with
> lots of spare time, a powerful HTML editor, and sufficient knowledge
> of FB and FBtoC, could in principle bring the HelpBook up-to-date, by
> editing content and format. Unfortunately, we know of no such
> enthusiast.
> A cooperative effort via a wiki seems a much better idea.
> --------------------------
> There are several issues with a Wiki-Book.
> As far as I'm recognizing, the issue above is a "Reference Manual"
> and writing it may follow the pattern of existing FB-manuals.
> However there is more, especially if I consider the many recent
> postings dealing with questions concerning Apple's Carbon Toolbox.
> For this purpose I still should like to recommend a conversion of K.
> J. Bricknell's excellent "Macintosh C Carbon -- A hobbyist's guide to
> programming the Macintosh in C" that can be obtained freely via the
> internet.
> Best
> --
>                    Herbie
>           ------------------------
>           <http://www.gluender.de>

Hi Herbie,

What are these issues with a wiki-book?

Could you give a URl to the J. Bricknell's excellent "Macintosh C Carbon"
book - I cannot find via google.

Personally, I think a wiki would be excellent. There are several choices:
a) free services such as Wetpaint.com - I've open an account for
http://futurepaint.wetpaint.com - it's but supported by google advertising
- so pretty icky in that respect

b) pbwiki provides free hosting for educational users - any educationists
here to justify the futurebasic wiki?

c) paid for service (there's lots of these)  relatively inexpensive but
(ho-hum) someone would have to pay so not good.

d) someboady already with a server could host a wiki (there's lots of free
s/w but would take some time to set up)

e) something else!!!

I think we need a wiki because:
a) central place to hold all reference documentation - which needs some
updating (many hands needed... etc)
b) tips and tricks especially wrt conversion
c) all the great stuff on the mailing lists - which I find difficult to
access for various reasons (Sorry, Brian) :-) can be readily accessed!
d) advertising for FB (!!!)