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From: Christopher Wyatt <poetcsw@...>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 15:48:11 -0600
On Jan 28, 2008, at 3:32 PM, Brian Stevens wrote:

> This is a good beginning. Thank you. Would you share the method used  
> to upload/convert the html files to Wiki? This will enable others to  
> join in as they are able.

Wikibooks, unlike the traditional Wiki pages, makes much better use of  
standard HTML. I simply used "cut-n-paste" from HTML to migrate text  
into Wikibooks. Unfortunately, links are different but easy to adjust.  
To code a link, use square brackets instead of the standard HREF tag:

[http://www.pagelinkhere.dom/ This is a link to a page]

The description of the link follows the URL, separated by a single  

Links to "Chapters" in a book are made with double-brackets:

[[/chapter|Title of Chapter]]

Unlike external links, an "or bar" (or "pipe") is used between the  
chapter link name and the text title of the page. You can use slashes  
to create subchapters and sub-subchapters. I discourage this, until a  
project is so large there is no better option. I like to use chapters  
with the sub-topics within a single chapter page. When a topic gets  
too long, I usually realize a new chapter is needed.

Since plain HTML works in Wikibooks, this entire process should take  
only hours, not months. Thankfully. Also, Wikibooks will make a  
complete book available in either HTML or PDF -- a perfect solution  
for distributing the information to users.