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From: "H. Gluender" <h@...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 00:17:15 +0100
>>  Could you give a URl to the J. Bricknell's excellent "Macintosh C 
>>  Carbon"
>>  book - I cannot find via google.

>Definitely need a link to that -- I'll add it to the documentation page!

Here it is but please read on...


A FB-wiki that cares about FB itself certainly is useful, but we have 
the manuals already. A FB-wiki that cares about the FB-use of the 
Carbon-Toolbox is really missing and most of the FBToC questions more 
or less deal with this issue, because FBToC makes heavy use of Carbon 

Back in 2002 I've studied and learnt all I know (tricks included, 
except those received from RP -- thanks) about OSX Carbon FB-coding 
from this book. It comes with rather basic and useful examples 
covering all Carbon aspects except the newer CoreFoundation-APIs. So 
updating will be required, but Bricknells style should be followed as 
it is the best book I know in the field of programming tutorials. 
Bricknells chapters not only serve as tutorial but also serve as a 
manual for Toolbox calls (those available in 2001).

To use it for FB, the examples need to be translated to FB (this will 
take some time; I once started with both of the Carbon Event example 
programs) and then the text should be adapted (shouldn't be a big