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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 14:25:04 +0100
Otto Schlosser a crit :
> On Jan 28, 2008, at 2:57 PM, Alain Pastor wrote:
>> I just have had a look at the History of FutureBASIC chapter. It seems 
>> to me that it is not totally accurate, but I'm not skilled enough in 
>> English to do the correction on my own, and I confess that my memory 
>> is a bit fuzzy.
>> I believe that right after ZBasic came FutureBASIC which became FBII 
>> (perhaps when PG PRO was included in the IDE), then came FB^3 which 
>> was able to produce also PPC and FAT applications (in 1999-2000), then 
>> came FB4 (when the IDE was carbonized, I think).
> Yes, I just sketched in what I could remember. I'm sure folks who were 
> more intimately involved in the development process can correct and 
> expand the entry.

I have updated the entry a bit, but someone should rewrite my addition 
in good English.