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From: Christopher Wyatt <poetcsw@...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 23:45:32 -0600
On Jan 29, 2008, at 11:06 PM, Brian Stevens wrote:

>> Just trying to think through how to appeal to those of us living  
>> with VB and RB, but pondering other tools.
> Many of the FBers (and now C users thanks to FBtoC) are folks who  
> prefer a powerful procedural language instead of O-O languages like  
> RB and Objective C. At least for me that is the major appeal. RB  
> code does not impress me as elegant, efficient and concise like FB  
> and C can be if written well. If not for the cross-platform feature  
> I wouldn't consider RB at all.

When I moved to the Mac in 2001 or so, RB was pretty much the only  
tool I found that seemed familiar. Objective-C just wasn't even close  
to what I knew. (I think Apple should have found a way to keep  
supporting Pascal directly.)

I'm not much of a fan of RB, as my posts on the RB mailing list  
reveal. I actually prefer Delphi, but PowerBASIC  is still a tool I  
use when procedural code is ideal. (Anyone not familiar with  
PowerBASIC -- it seriously flies due to the hand-optimized compiler.  
No DLLs. No bloat.)

I wish people didn't imagine OO was a magical elixir. Procedural code  
is often faster, tighter, and better for many problems.

FutureBASIC looks promising. I hope my participation with docs and  
database issues helps in the long term.