[futurebasic] Language Reference - syntax check requested

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From: Christopher Wyatt <poetcsw@...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 23:00:16 -0600
I completed the conversion of the keyword list to Wikibooks. The links  
are to blank pages, which I will populate this weekend.

Someone needs to verify the syntax examples on the wiki pages! As you  
can tell, I'm begging for someone much more familiar with the language  
to check my work. Those commands that do not exist in FBtoC should  
probably be marked with  /* Not available in FBtoC */ or something  
similar so a reader knows what to skip.


I'm really, really hoping any errors I made during the conversion to  
wikitext from HTML are minor, but often the parenthesis or brackets  
will get mangled when using regex tools for such a task.

As long as the links are edited, only the syntax, several people can  
be editing the samples on the wiki. The more eyes checking this, the