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From: Ted Spencer <ted@...>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 13:18:40 -0500
On 2 Mar, 2008, at 8:49 AM, H. Gluender wrote:

>  That said and e.g. with the new Intel CPUs, a byte would mean 64  
> bits.
> Maybe someone will correct my Alzheimerian view that dates back to  
> the early days of computers...

Not me: I've got the same symptoms: an operand (is that a byte?) is  
sometimes an octet in the little microcomputers I play with, but not  
always. On the other hand... How many angels can dance on the head of  
a pin?
Ted Spencer
A certain friction between the generations is inevitable. That is  
because the young and the old have all the answers, and those in  
between are stuck with the questions.
(Edna McCann in U.C. Observer)