[futurebasic] Re: architectural proposals for our "barn"

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From: Rick Brown <rbrown@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 11:09:35 -0600
> so, who's got what?  
> let's get this ball rolling...     ;+)

Here's some ideas for "mini-tools":

"Smart Renamer" -- Given a folder, it finds all objects therein whose
names match certain criteria, and renames them according to certain
other criteria.  Sample "Rules" might be:
  Remove leading/trailing spaces.
  Change diacriticals to unenhanced "Roman" letters.
  Add "Fred" to end of any any filename starting with "Q".
  "Normalize" numbers in all filenames that match the pattern
     "ActionItems-##"; for example, "ActionItems-3" would be
     renamed as "ActionItems-03", but "ActionItems-26" would be
     left alone.

"What's Up" -- monitors all registered "entities" which are on the
network (such as printers and other mac's) -- This can see other Mac's
even when they don't have "File Sharing" enabled.  (I've already written

"What's Happening" -- Monitors all processes running on your Mac
(including background-only processes, which you can't see via "About
this Macintosh").  I've already written this: in its current
incarnation, it lists the process name, the size and _location_ of its
heap in memory, and the amount of free memory it currently has.  It
could easily be extended to, say, send a "Quit" event to selected
processes (something I've always wished the Application Menu could do),
or locate and open the Finder window containing the process's
application file, etc.

"More About This Mac" -- I picture this as a diagnostic tool to foster
communication between forlorn users and telephone tech-support rep's. 
It will print -- or FAX -- a page (or pages) of information about the
current state of your system.  A dialog of checkboxes lets you choose
which categories of information you'd like to include in the
printout/fax.  "Core" information would be stuff like: OS version,
machine/CPU type, RAM configuration, etc. Other info could include:
active extensions, AppleTalk status, other current processes, selected
lists of files, etc.  Of course, each printout/fax would include an
unobtrusive splash line identifying the "barn" tool--and that way, the
tech rep could heartily recommend it to his next irate caller.

- Rick