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From: Greg_Neagle@...
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 21:19:06 -0800
On 11/27/97 at 10:57 AM, futurebasic@... wrote:

f> >FB^3 will still support all of the things FB II does now.  But...
f> >
f> >You guys are taking the wrong approach to this.
f> And I still haven't heard why its taken the programming world by storm. If
f> its like anything else in the "programming world" its hot and cold on a
f> daily basis. Its probably extremely well suited for some things and
f> possibly not for others in that it would add needless complexity.

Mel, tedd, et al.:

If you don't want to use objects, don't.  We won't make you.

But for those of us the DO want to use objects, the fact that FB^3 will support
them is very good news.  Let us have our fun, too.  Object-oriented programming
is a good thing.  C++ is a bad implementation of OOP, so don't judge the
concept by one implementation.

Objective-C and Java are good implementations of OOP (IMHO).

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