[futurebasic] Re: [FB] FB4 to FB5 conversion questions

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From: Michele Neri <nerimic@...>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 18:20:29 +0100
Douglas Stemen ha scritto:
> Can someone tell me why FB5 is giving me these types of error 
> messages? The program runs well in FB4 and all syntax is per FB5 
> reference manual instructions.
> Error: Bad factor in expression in line 1846 of Rebates.INCL: 'else'
>  1846:  if kitdisk.headercontract$>" " then 
> edit$(12)=kitdisk.headercontract$ else edit$(12)=" "
> ^
> Error: Syntax error in line 25 of DataFile.INCL
>  25:  case ItemRecord.UnitSec$(arraynum%)
>                     ^
> Error: Bad factor in expression in line 1224 of Customers.INCL: 
> 'noAutoGray'
>  1224:  edit field 
> 910,"CUSTOMERS",(805,262)-(940,282),_statNoFramed_noAutoGray,_leftJust
> ^
> Thanks,
> Doug Stemen
 it's hard to trace error/bug without some code to test. For the 
_noAutoGray error it seems that FBtoC (FB5) doesn't support that kind of 
edit field.

 You could try to define the constant copying the value from the FB4's 
headers but looking at the implementation in FBEditField function in 
editfield.c (inside build_goodies folder) it seems not supported.

The FBtoC's help says about edit field keyword: "Limited support is 
provided for edit fields. Only some straightforward options for edit 
field and edit$ are implemented. Edit-related statements or functions 
not used in the demo below should be presumed unimplemented.".

_autoGray    = 1024

For the other two errors at least the definitions of the record are 
required in order to give you an answer.