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From: Brian Stevens <bstevens33@...>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 11:57:01 -0700
On Oct 13, 2009, at 8:47 AM, Steve wrote:

> Waverly,  thanks for your input.
> I don't plan on sending any personal information or credit card  
> information from inside the software.
> I thought about sending a request each month a week or so before  
> expiring  ' this is 412A1245 '  can I continue to operate ? If a  
> file is present on the FTP server, this would indicate a problem or  
> expiring license and then read the content message in the file and  
> do what needs to be done?  Otherwise, keep right on working and  
> extend the date another month or subscription period purchased.
Sounds like the credit card payment is not done via the app but  
somewhere else. This makes things easier. As you described, the app  
could look for a file on the server indicating the monthly payment has  
not been made and alert the user. That removes the sensitive data from  
this process.

> There are other issues to work out, such as what if my domain isn't  
> working
Clearly a host needs to have good uptime stats for a running business.  
The app won't be able to get the file from the server in this case, so  
there is a decision to make about what to do if this situation is found.

> or they don't have internet access for a certain period of time.  It  
> would only quit working on the presence of the file with appropriate  
> message to disable it.
Probably best to give customers  the benefit of the doubt and allow  
some grace period if the app is unable to get the file from the server  
( either because the client's internet is down or your server is  
down ). Then again, the customer should be notified that the app  
*requires* internet access ( and possibly be included as a requirement  
in the license agreement ). If the app is unable to find the server  
file in xx days it could then start a warning countdown ( app will  
stop working in xx days due to lack of internet access......etc. ).