[futurebasic] [ANN] FB 5.4.1 and FBtoC 1.4.1

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From: Robert Purves <listrp@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 18:32:02 +1300
http://www.4toc.com/fb  [you will need to reload the page if your  
browser cached the page mentioning FB 5.4]

Main changes in FB 5.4.1

[1] Warnings for a common mistake: forgetting to assign a return value  
(end fn = someValue) to a function whose value is used elsewhere in  
the program.

local fn bar
dim as OSStatus err
err = _paramErr
end fn // oops, should have '= err'

dim as OSStatus  err
err = fn bar
if ( err != _noErr ) then stop "bar() failed" // oops, never get here

¿¿ Warning: Returned value of bar() is always 0 in line 9 of test.bas
¿¿ Warning: Function should have explicit return value: bar()

[2] Choice of compiler. Build settings window has a pop-up menu with  
four options.
- gcc 4.0 is the default.
- gcc 4.2 is available on 10.5 and 10.6. It cannot build apps to run  
on 10.3 or 10.4.
- clang is available on 10.6 only. Very fast but somewhat flaky. Best  
used for development only (change to gcc 4.0 for release build).
- clang (analysis) performs static analysis of your code, giving  
interesting warnings; nothing is actually compiled.

Minor changes in Editor 5.4.1:
[1] The menu item Project > Remove Item has been deleted.
[2] Bug-fixes in the following areas: text drawing, menus, Find/ 
Replace window.

Bug-fixes and minor features in FBtoC 1.4.1:
476	edit field with filter fn receives Cmd-chars
486	default MinOS deployment 10.4; remove 10.2 target from UI
490	>1-dimension array parameter wrongly translated
492	warn of unused fn prototypes as well as unused fns
494	allow fn instead of def and usr function calls
495	deprecate usr and def function calls
496	terabyte file access; lof(), loc() and rec() return SInt64
497	implement open "N" to give shared access

New examples:
FB_5_4_1_Examples > Graphics > QuickDraw > Image dithering
FB_5_4_1_Examples > Graphics > QuickDraw > Ray Tracing
FB_5_4_1_Examples > Graphics > CoreGraphics > CGGlyphs